You want the Thunder?

John Tillman will bring you the THunder. Chunk is stoked on packaging up the new hubguards and spring FBM shirts, you can geta closer look in the products section, of whats new and whats available.
Big dave is stoked on the freezing temperatures, since he can now go snowboarding, with all the new Gear he got at Reez’s Outlaw Board shop. Dave shown here does his best Captain Morgan stance, in preparation for hi cold weather fun outings. Where the F is Jimmy Chow? Derrick Girard is In MAine in sub zero temperatures, with the week off work due to the hazzards and advisories in this bone chilling cold in the Northeast. We’ll see if we can get him down to Ny for some weekend mayhem. Cameron Wood, constant mayhem provider, shown here chillin with Fuzz and the Legendary Dave King. More dave King Stories soon. Now playing-Quicksand- Slip.

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