X dreams BABY!

One of the more pleasurable parts of the lifestyle some people like myself have chosen, is when you get to meet up on a random wednesday night, in upstate New York at a kick ass park Like X Dreams with several of the FBM team riders, and several of the kick ass Riders that also work at FBM. Mike Corts absolutely KILLed the Hip, he jumped like 8 feet at one point and landed almost Totally Flat. John Corts rode awesome busting 360’s, Tailwhips and Barspins, and Danny Death let us ride late, so it was Extra Fun. Chunk is new in the warehouse, he rode up, as Did FBM Legend Mike Tag, who supplied us transport, 12 dudes in a veggie diesel rig. John Goodman has the same name as the guy who played Walter Sopchek in the Big Lebowski. He shredded the park too. Good Times overall. Tony Hamlin was in effect as well, you cab see a pic of him on Defgrip that Nuno posted. Stoked on That. Woozy BMX has an Interview with Aaron Ross on the site that they posted. Aaron is alright….. Toast Was the unnamed rider yesterday, Brad King was the first to guess, he won a weekend pass to Heritage USA Theme Park, and a free dinner at Cracker Barrel.

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