Workin’ Nine to Five

Dolly thinks Mike Corts is the funnest guy to work with, ever.

Friday the 13th. and no major catastrophes around the office or in the shop. The new place has sunlight and oxygen, two good things to have if you’re going to enjoy showing up to work. Bikes are back to being made on a somewhat semi-regular basis. Between power surges and extreme condensation, progress has been sketchy at times. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, or really irritated. If you haven’t heard the good news we can take craps inside now. Unfortunately, the one unused commode has the smell of rotting corpses emanating from its gaping hole. Have a stellar weekend.

Dave does in fact still work for FBM despite vicious Internet rumors. John Corts had a dream last night he was a car muffler, it went on and on and on all night long. Today, he's completely exhausted.  Death lurks here.

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