Word is Bond.

You can’t really tell in this pic, But Jammer is doing a topside one footer on the curve wall, really high. Doing that kind of shit, as well as firing out the rail first try, the whole way down was awesome. Better than having sensitive teeth, and eating Ice cold honeydew melon at the same time as salt and vinegar potato chips. I know this. It was a good weekend in upstate NY, crazy storms, but still some fun sessions at the trails, with lots of riding, and riders on hand. Trevor Ashworth came down, and over grinded the rail, and KB tried butt sliding on it, or ball bashing, depending on how you look at it. Fisher and Big Job Shredded, ate grilled Vegetables, and partied until Fishty broke his tailbone, on a tailwwhip. Keep your ears open for a 30 and over BBQ coming soon…Now Playing -Toots and th Maytals- Pressure drop.

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