Win stuff…

How many hubguards?

We got a re stock of HubGuards, and they look pretty sweet.
I don’t know what the deal is in Florida, but they keep burning boats, Joey J, from Fla. and his band of merry wildsters are totally out of their heads. Cottle, where do you guys get all these boats? what’s the deal? Derrick Girard shit his pants when he heard about the boats getting burned. Or maybe that was another time. Peep BMX union for some FBM news via Todd Johnson.

Bikes heading to heat treatment Att From Kennedy's does not heat treat the frames in the deep fryer. heat treating boats? What is up with Florida? Tag an d Derrick, pondering the boat burning phenom in florida! Beecher dolls? Paul dejong from Paul's Boutique in the Netherlands. sweet xl1000!

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