Why are bike shops important?


Bike shops support BMX. Whether it’s helping a young rider fix a flat tire, or offer the highest end components, the local bike shop is often times the epicenter for a good scene.

I realize that not all communities are lucky enough to have a bike shop that carries and supports BMX, that’s one of the reasons mail orders can be so helpful, but let’s talk about riding on a local level…

When a bike shop offers completes, components, accessories and high end after market parts, that not only helps the average rider, it supports BMX by keeping your favorite companies in business. When your local shop is the meet up spot before a session, to watch a new DVD, to loiter in front of, while jibbing in the parking lot, the local shop supports BMX by building a community.

Local Shops foster a strong local scene which is the foundation for a better BMX, strong scenes have spawned the biggest names in BMX, even the most well known professional riders in BMX rides were once young groms bringing their entry level bike in to replace the bent forks or worn out grips, to ask for stickers, to oogle at the latest parts, and to ask the older, wiser, more experienced riders a million questions.

We try to visit as many shops as we can swing, when stopping by, we get to see almost every angle, from the underground pro fixing bikes, to the various brands supported on the floor, to old posters on the wall of legends come and gone. Most importantly we get to meet the youngsters that make riding fun, their energy, enthusiasm and pure unadulterated stockage is what BMX is all about, and having a place for them to realize their dreams, on whatever level that is as BMXers, is crucial…

There are a million reason’s you should d support your local shop, these are just a few, Local Bike Shops are the lifeblood for a heathy scene, hit us up on FBM’s Facebook and tell us what your favorite local shop is and why!

Click here to see what shops in your area sell FBM, if your local shop isn’t involved in BMX, ask them why and let us know, get involved, get em stoked!

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