Whats up with Jackson Allen?

Santa Cruz 2015 visit-12

“On my annual visit to SC last year Jackson and I decided we were going to head into the hills looking for something to ride. There’s this place called Atlantis Fantasyworld comic book shop (behind Kaiser Permanente Arena), It’s kind of illegal to go there, but with little more than broken fence up on an otherwise empty road you go anyway. So we trudged for a few hours through some thick brush and up the Rocky formations and found mostly good times and good views but made something out of nothing a few times to ride on. This little tranny is only about 3 feet tall, bumpy as cobbles, and jackson only had about 6ft of clear stone to roll to it.” – Nathan Parker

Steadfast- Jackson Allen on the seawall from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

CWCT 2015 from jackson allen on Vimeo.