Whats up in the FBM Machine Shop?

John Corts laying it down....

It’s wednesday, and I am listening to Black Flag, I was listening to 7 seconds a minute ago, the crappy album too, “soulforce revolution”, The radio in the Machine shop shit the bed, from Too many power ballads, so it’s quiet back there, aside from the heavy modifying going down. This weeks “whats hanging on the machine shop wall?” -I found a Fisher ad, and came across a porcelain deer that was wearing shades. Mikey Corts is stunning. A few Archived photos as well, one of Phil wasson (shot by Dolecki), FBM Legend, and proprietor of Super rat Machine Works. Phil is a good guy. I also stumbled across this pic of Martin, aka Birdman, from an old FBM ad shoot at the T-1 ramp that Sandy carson shot. Pretty interesting stuff going on in that pic. Holla At Us!
Now playing- the Boss “born in the USA”

Old Fisher Ad from faction Magazine. A deer with ray Bans... Big Dave Making mods. Archived Wasson photo, I think Dolecki shot it. Birdman Photo Shoot, Austin, several years ago- Sandy Carson pic.

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