Whats new with John Lee?


After a long hard winter at FBM, with our old warehouse getting shut down, and John Lee, AKA the NICEST MAN IN BMX, getting hurt really badly and ending up in the hospital, building out a new warehouse and moving the machine shop, things are finally starting to come back around…
One of the dudes at FBM, behind the scenes much of the time is John Lee himself, helping research and design new product, doing customer service, processing bikes, (facing head tubes, sticking frames, getting them ready to ship), taking and packing orders, all the above and more, He is a true gentleman in a BMX world filled with heathens.
John Is still recovering from the mishap months ago, so keep tuned as Keith Terra, Tedd Nelson and friends plan another fundraiser, a crazy race at Shoreham BMX on August 30th.
There is a lot that goes into running a small bike company, and without amazing people like John Lee, BMX would be a lot less awesome!