Weird Wednesday!

Team Major Heck YA!

Mikey made this team major Air Ad, with his brother Johnny Skying a monster wallride. The Corts twins are basicaly huge apes. Curtis lives in the same place as the Corts’, he probably taught em the ways. Has anyone noticed how Nuts the Orlando dudes are? Cottle pin and Joey J. have some explaining to do. A couple of random pics from the Sweet Baby Archives as well as Rambo himself, he was trying to shoot pics of Billy Ashby, and ended up shooting a 4th John J. Rambo movie. Don’t go to Burma. Go Home. Thats where Leland lives.

Sweet baby Himself! Curtis is pretty kick butt! archives.... The Florida guys are something.... Corts... Sweet baby pics Rambo, and his only line in the new movie! Cranbo, huh? Beecher kids?

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