Weird friday

Nyc Legend, Big James Dickens is currently riding an FBM joint Frame in Purple Haze. Word on the street is that Bunny Hop Sauce is going to be available to the consumer Market soon. Big James was so stoke don the bike, he bunnyhopped Big Dave, and power wheelied all the way down 14th street. Stoked! Mike Corts was testing out some prototype double bird bars on a built up Profile Frame that Jeff Harrington used to ride. What a Site! Dylan and John Tillman had no comments on the matter. Scott Towne sent over a pic of “Athens” Tim sporting an FBM tattoo. Stunned! Garret Guilliams and Tom Blyth currently have no FBM tattoos, but One has a tiny baby mustache, and the other has slipknot ringtones. Wow. Now playing- Le Peste- “better off Dead”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall