Weekend Update Pt 4

Tony cardona showed up, with his lady friend, A Chevy Van filled with his belongings, as well as a rabbit, two, turtles, and 2 ferrets. After the Wildlife drive to Kentucky, he showed up at Pool Party Leland was throwing, and assembled a brand new Joint, with All new Parts. Leland blew up his pool, and Jimmy Levan showed up with Steven Hamilton. It was Bad As Hell. After the BBQ/ Pool Party, we went to the park for the Jam, Tony Blew his Leg up, and some kid asked me how much is costs to have a bike Company… Leland went to La Grange to the Waffle house for an after party. I’ll Post some riding pics later. Now Playing- The Angry Samoans- “Steak Knife” For a look at some riding pics from the weekend, check out Bmxonline Dot Com!

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