Weekend Update Pt 2

I have spent a good amount of time in the Midwest, and I can always count on a cast of Characters to be around to make it interesting, and the Star by far is none other than Reggie Styles. I use dto Live with Reggie, along with many other BMX legends at a place in Indiana called the Fat House. Reggie has a tatto on his back comemorating it. Itis an actual shithouse on his back. I love that guy. In addition to being a great guy, and a dedicated rider, Reggie is also a fan of the Thirst Buster Cup, with unlimited Refills, and even has a custom cup holder for the 124 ounce guzzler. Don’t be surprised if you get choke slammed for knocking that cup off the deck of a ramp. Another Character, is Piss Pocket, Aka, “bubba- B- Bumpin”, who lives at Lelands, and has a mini CNC shop in the Garage. His Real Name is Brian, and is originally from NY, but the Midwest has a grip on him now, and he is as kooked as anyone, and was cool enough to make custom plaques for the Shitluck Jam this weekend. Ernesto, of Dans Comp fame, is another midwest Transplant, and is currently residing 2 blocks from Billy Ashby, In New Albany Indiana, Niether one of them had any idea. Regardless, He and His wife Beth were cool enough to Invite us over for a Cinco de Mayo BBQ, which was Kick ass. Thanks. We were so stoked after the BBQ, we went to the Park, and Mike Corts blasted a top side 1 footer, while some kid sunbathed in the bowl. I was Stunned. Flo was too….

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