Weekend Update Pt 1

This weekend was the Louisville Kentucky Derby, as well as the midnight renegade Shitluck Jam, at the park. A handul of Us Packed up the Van, and Drove the 700 some odd Miles to the Fun Fest, and Took some pics along the Way. The South is known for many things, one of which includes Waffle house, or Awful House, or Rawfled House. THe one we stopped at was in La Grange Kentucky. I think they spoke english there, because When John Paul filled the Juke Box with Waffle house songs, Like the Waffle March Song, I heard a cook blurt out several expletives. Aside from that, I couldn’t understand a word anyone said, although I did realize, in amazement that Boomhower from King of the Hill was moonlighting as our waiter. One of the Features of the Jam at the park, according to the flyer, was the “bring your own ramp” aspect. I think we were the only ones who brought a ramp, and we also drove the furthest, but what made this ramp special, was not the fact that we brought it 700 miles, it was that Cruz made it from a pine box. A PINE BOX THAT A DEAD BODY WAS DELIVERED TO A FUNERAL HOME IN. That officially redefines the phrase “putting the fun back in Funeral!” I am not making atht up either. Cruz used to work embalming dead bodies at a mortuary. Heres Lil Billy Testing out the ramp, trying not to “get Killed” or do any “deadsailors”. Wow… Heres a pic of Bugs, practicing for the Bunny hop comp, prior to his UFC title match with John Paul. Mad Maxing around Lelands Neighborhood on Scooter is fun as heck too…. Now Playing- THe Accused- “cut and dried”

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