Vegas was RAD….

At Interbike 2008, there were many highlights, and probably equally as many Lowpoints…
For Starters, Bill allen AKA, Cru Jones from the Movie RAD, was at Nora Cup, and also Signing autograph’s at Supercross’ Booth catty corner from us. It was cool to meet the lead role character from the movie that played a pretty huge part in young BMXers lives prior to its current and more mainstream status… He even came to our booth for a pic. Stoked.
At the show we “unveiled” Our 2009 completes, Supertherm line- up of frames, The revised Swords, as well as a revamped parts and accessories line, including a sweet Crown Royal 2, with wild etching, pivotal seats, drive side hub guards, a new seat post clamp, Butted bars and more…. People were psyched, and very supportive.

Aside from the obvious when it comes to vegas, the fact that its in a dessert, packed with smashed tourists and dipshits, and so difficult to navigate through, it’s also pretty strange that it’s the host city to the biggest bike show in the United States, especially given todays social and economic climate, and the part bicycles play in combatting fuel prices, and more affordable commuting as well as it environmental role.
For Starters, it’s estimated that over 20,000 people attended the show, and I would venture to say many of them flew in for the event…. It’s also estimated that a 747 jet airplane burns 3378 gallons of fuel per hour, my flight was around 6 hours, that’s over 20,000 gallons of fuel. No clue how much they spend on that, or how it would be divided amongst cargo and passengers, but Las Vegas averages 980 flights a day. Thats a shit load. There’s also something like 135,000 hotel rooms in vegas, all with air conditioners blasting. I couldn’t really find any information on how much energy it takes to light that city up for a day, but I Imagine its a pretty astronomical amount, given all the bells, whistles, lights flashing and so forth…. Any rate, I’m not trying to make any social commentary, it’s just really difficult to even ride a bike in that city, and it’s definitely hard to ride a bike to the city, and once your there, any of the environmental advantages of not relying on fossil fuel, are eaten quickly by the great big neon tyrannosaurus that is the city of Las Vegas.
Enough of the nonsense, It’s always great to see so many friends in one place, meet legend’s like Bob Haro, Shmooze with industry types, and see the efforts of so many BMXers unfold making for a really cool experience.
Thanks to all the great people who stopped by our booth, and supported all the hard work all the guys at FBM have poured into making the show a success. It was great to see everyone, laugh, hangover, hi five, shake hands, talk about price points, and so forth… See you all again soon!

How it really looked in blurry vegas vision.... Completes.... Mr. Nice guy. Crown 2's Any Idea how many times I've seen this guy deliver newspapers? Thats big money... How many times did this guy get asked about ass sliding this week?

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