Vegas report (sorta..)

Every year, for those who don’t know, a large portion of the BMX industry converges on Las Vegas for Interbike, one of the largest bicycle tradeshows in the world. Basically, companies unveil thier new products, big money riders sign autographs, and everyone parties, gambles, and schmoozes it up. This year we had a bunch of new frames, and accessories, and the booth was packed with bike shop people, as well as industry types, it was cool to see everyone, and to hear a lot of positive feedback from all of these people. Highlights include Matt Hoffman kissing Leif’s Flat Frame, Brad Blanchard hanging out, Block Legend Rich Bartlet chilling with us, and Robbo trying to eat the pretzel bike. It was super fun seeing everyone. Quotes of the weekend include, “I want a cheeseburger” and “those pesky morals…” Cameron Wood, Mike Tag, Fishty Cent, and Aaron Ross were all on hand to represent as well. Leland was so stoked on Tag’s new “Autopilot “, he puked, and said “this new frame is SICK!” The Animal crew was next to us all weekend, and funny as hell, making bird calls, and getting Security all fired up. Catfish also threw a “suck a Kangaroo’s D—” Party, which was interesting to say the least. Rick Thorne was in Vegas, I used to think he was just a good guy who acted goofy. Now I think Rick is a Douchebag, Go F-yourself Rick. Its over, go get the Tattoos removed, cut the mohawk, and retire to Kansas City where you came from, if you can remeber that far back. Enough of that retard. Dig announced a newly form alliance with Ride UK, which should be a sweet collaboration, Mark is cool, and Tim March is hilarious. Will Smith us an Ape. NORA Cup went down, I couldn’t hear who won, ask Fudger. Ron Wilkerson is kooked. Shitluck showed thier Video, people were stoked on it. I heard a rumor abaout James Ayres, but I won’t mention it hear, Super G would be pissed. What happens in Vegas, well, you know, Just ask Reez….

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