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Remember that Ramones song end of the century? Well it’s almost the end of the first decade in the 2000’s.
It’s Friday the 18th, and less than 2 weeks to the year 2010, which is unbelievable. That might not seem like a big deal but the Y2K doesn’t seem like ten years ago. Anyhow, Bikes are better than ever these days, there’s more skateparks than ever, more internets, so you can find out about other riders and riding spots, and Flo’s Clam Shack is having an all you eat special tonight till 9pm.
In Team rider news,If you are around the Baco jam this weekend, say Hi to the Ginch Bros., You might be able to see Kelly Baker and Joel Barnett at East Shore Skatepark, and Kenny Horton gets out of the insane asylum at 5pm today. Mikey Corts is heading down Under to party with Kie Ashworth in 2 weeks, and Tom Blyth just got accepted to the King Diamond school of Hard Rock. MOre news soon….
I once told Bob Scerbo I was sick and he said- “aw man, you gotta eat some spinach and drink whiskey if you wanna feel better,,,” Here are a few old Videos from our Vimeo Library.-

Whats Kenny up to? Guess which rider is doing a 1 footed nosepick to fakie... Get Loose crew Bob Scerbo...

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