Tuesday, after the storm.

Aaron Buckley sent over these pics of Dave King, Ledge griding, unfortunately you will not see these shots in any upcoming web videos, because the ledge ain’t flat, Dave Doesn’t dress with fashion in mind, and he isn’t even wearing Flat Brimmed hat.
I am kidding, But all bullshit and BMX drama aside, Dave is one of my favorite riders, kills anything, and always has a good time, while really going for it. In case anyone was wondering, the only thing that IS BMX, is tha part when you are riding it, everything else is all extra baggage. Dave is a regular ass dude who just rides bikes, well he isn’t really regular, he’s a kook, but you know what I mean. I am going to hit Aaron with a pivotal seat next time i see him. Chris Hancock freaked out on the weather in NY, flew to California, rented a Harley, and sent me these pics. Ahhh the life of a playboy. Todd Nichols sent over some pics of Tony C. from the JomoNohomopro, thanks Todd. Tony C. is a beast. Tony does not give shit. just look at that kid, A turtle helmet, no socks, and he’s bloody as all get out. APE! Lastly, the true antithesis to every thing popular in bMX, my personal hero, Reggie Styles! Reggie does not give a shit about anything but living his life, having some fun and riding some bikes, he’s in his thirties, wears sleaveless shirts, and is completely out of his skull. All in a good way. I saw him one time, in public, at the Belmar, with elastic skull pants on, totally declothe, and start yelling. HE is out of his mind, who wears skull pants? REGGIE STYLES. there are 500 more wild stories about Reggie, even one about his name…Kelly updated his blog as well

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