Tony Hamlin, Some Dude, and Scooby.

Tony Hamlin is at FBM today, celebrating the last friday 0f 2006. We set up a sketchy old rail, and he did some crankarm slides on it, and a sweet J-hop over the rail. Dylan Cole is stoked that Tony is around, and even more stoked on Tony Cardona’s pic in the new Ride BMX,he is actually has a full page picture in a scooby Doo costume. That right there is one of the most retarded and amazing things I have ever seen. Tony is awesome. Defgrip has updated the Top 5 list of 2006, and I have a list up there, that includes Newport cigarettes, and I don’t even smoke. Anyhow, yesterday while out running some errands, i kept seeing strange people, I guy with a boom box, who would walk 3 steps and break it down and dance, my 9th grade math teacher, who kicked me out of class and failed me, his name was Mr. Drix, and this guy in the bottom photo. I will refer to this guy as teh Mad man, as he is the angriest guy, and I would always see him yelling at random people around town. Anyhow, my first encounter with him was while riding my bmx on a sidewalk, in which he told me he would tackle me off my bike if he saw me do it again, I laughed and gave him the middle finger. then he called tag a punk and chased him down a sidewalk in a completely different encounter. The best was one night at like midnight, i was out riding by myself, and he started yelling at me, “I’m sick of seeing you riding around on that little bike, next time I am gonna kick your ass…” I then rode circles around him, and listened to his threats- “if you try riding that bike in my neighborhood,i’ll have some friends take care of you…”
“if i catch you, I going to introduce you to my friend the louisville slugger…” “I’m gonna call the cops on you for riding on the sidewalk..” Finally I just said, “if you are so concerned with the law, why don’t you just get a badge?” his response was amazing- “YA! i’ll get a badge, and i’ll shove it up your ass, and make you crap it out!” I was so stunned, “did you just say’ ‘crap it out’?” Ha, and i rode off. He has yelled a few times since, and i saw him yesterday, took his picture, and he then chased me down the street, yelling “hey you, hey you on the bike…..!”

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