Tony Cardona Wins Thursday!

Tony Cardona and his dog blaze are in NY for a bit after the Belmar comp. Tony Has been spotted hanging out on Chunks porch with Camo Ice, and plenty of Kennedy’s Menu Items. Derrick Girard is no where to be seen today. Garret Gilliams, is lovin his Autopilot right now, he called and said someone filled the hot tub at Woodward with 75 dollars worth of Ramen, and that some campers were actually eating it. It was creamy chicken flavor. John Tillman and Justin Sheckler were not available for comment. The new FBM stickers and die cuts are now available. The 20 year S&M bikes party is this weekend, rumor has it that the original BMXA test force will be on hand doing kegstands and beer bongs, and the Jason Thompson VS Troy McMurray rematch is scheduled to take place. Sean Mckinney will be refereeing the event.

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