Tony C is still awesome…

Tony Cardona is still one sweet dude, and we are stil running that sale on the webstore so peep that shit. This is the Link to the Frame Raffle. If you can guess where the bowl is that Tony C is blasting in that pic, and how much soup it would take to fill that sucker, I’ll make enough soup, and we’ll all have supper there. Greg Dickson sent over this other pic of Tony C, blasting a hip. Mike Tag is currently driving around in his Vegetable oil converted Tour Bus, rumor ha sit he is being paid by Cher to transport her Roadies to the next Gig. Guess who the Rider is in the bottom pic, and We’ll get you backstage passes to the Next Cher Concert….

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tony C. is still awesome

This pic, shot By Thad Allender, out of Kansas City, shows one of the reasons Big Hands Tony won the Joplin big cash payout comp. He is going from the far left to the far right. He bent his cranks, his bars and his ankles on that one. He does not even come close to giving a shit though. Look at his helmet. Its a Ninja turtle helmet. New drink coozies from FBM? sure why not. click hereto see a vid of Dane Wild. Dane has a couple of moves. He’s alright. Aaron Ross is confused, and wearing a Paul Wall shirt, He’s not sure what to call his new frame when it comes out, so we are going to have a poll, to see what you folks think it should be called. It’s still going to be a minute before its released, as its still being tested for awesomeness and stuff. peep the site later today for vids on some of the riders pages, and a new promo video as well.
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