Tom Blyth- Stateside.

Tom Blyth, Look Back Heavy Metal Tshirt

Tom Blyth made the journey from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, to AMERICA, bringing with him, some long hair and a complete maladjustment to American Culture. For his first day, we rode some streets scoping out spots, and ended up at Ramp/Metal band session, where a band called Battlemaster did headbangs, and dudes carved a halfpike.
Here are a few pics, Including some nice Table action from Lenny Norton himself.MOre news, pics, and clips soon…

Kenny meet Tom! Tom Meet Kenny. Tom Blyth- Maneater Buildup Tom, Toothpick. Kenny Flatty. Neil Shred session. Latane Canyonale with a high speed greg hill tuck into the wall! ViQ Merphy with a sweet Tabe JNKFD style.

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