This is FBM!

Kenny Horton is not like most men.

FBM isn’t for everyone, it’s not always an easy pill to swallow, hence the old saying- Learn the Hard Way, it is however, the real deal. The cast of characters that have defined what FBM is and has become are a Few Brave Men, willing to risk their own sanity and well being to follow a dream. I call these people brave because they are wiling to go of it, live a lifestyle that didn’t always (if ever) reward them with money, fame, glory, popularity, and often went unnoticed by the masses, yet they were courageous enough to follow their hearts, and make a difference, for themselves and their community.
Riding like the what we see in this video never made Kenny Horton a fortune, or status on social media, but it earned him respect, by his peers, and for himself, something many never know. In doing so, he cemented his legacy amongst some of the biggest apes in BMX as a true original, a genuine badass, an artist, a friend and a part of family known to many as simply the FBM Crew.
People like Kenny Horton have invested sweat equity into our small corner of society, and in doing so, helped forever shape the culture of BMX. In this we simply say thanks, to Kenny Horton, and every other species of gorilla that has supported what we do at FBM whether it be as a part of the crew, or someone who rides a bike built in our machine shop in Ithaca Ny.
Keep an eye out for more cool shit soon from Kenny, and the rest of us….