The Real Deal

Hit up your local Shop for the most badass gear from FBM, or check out our online store!

People hearing with out listening… FBM Products are the real deal, ya heard!?

-We have the new FBM DVD!

-CB4ks in 28mm and 35mm

– Check your local shop or favorite mailorder for FBM Gypsy Frames, the ever popular Steadfast, the Hard Way or hit us up for you very own Custom Built FBM, made exactly how you like!

New CB4ks out in the wild, in both 35 mm and 28mm offset, made in Ithaca Ny -@fbmmachineshop @qbmx

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FBM is for the people. John Lee is the people’s champ and helps keep this dream alive! @popboy905 @fbmmachineshop

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