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This is what the Autopilot Oxblood looks like, in daylight it looks lighter red, and also transluscent. It’s very nice. After work On Friday, i drove down to NYC to stay with Tag, and hang out with friends. Rode around NYC by by myself friday evening, then it rained a bunch. If you ride bikes, and never get to simply ride around NYC, you are missing out, just cruising in that city is a rush. Tag’s han’t been riding though, just re-editing the Shitluck vid. He is stoked on his new bikes though. Cameron Wood was not there with us, but if he was, it would have probably been funny as hell, here he is blasting a dirt quarter in his yard in Utah. Cam kills. Dane Wild, who has the best name in BMX, showed up in NY, with Predator of all people last night, and proceeded to eat pizza, drink soda, and watch Predator 2 starring Danny Glover. In other News, Dave King is alive and kicking, saw him this weekend, he was a disaster as to be expected. A beautiful disaster, but nonetheless, a wreck. Curtis Vs Bonnie in 2006? who knows, Call Pierre for a schedule. Aaron Ross.

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