The Howler is in effect!

The Belmar Comp Just got even sweeter, Rumors of Ryan Gootler showing up, and now a new character known as the “Howler” is going to be part of the festivities. After a day of Jump Dialing, we were at the site, AKA, the Bar, (yes this comp is at a bar, if you didn’t know) and John Paul and Big Dave unleash the Howler on me. Imagine a thin, semi strung out looking long haired woman, somewhere between the age 0f 30-60 (not sure), who is a cross between Janis Joplin, and Randy “the Macho Man” Savage, screaming, and twitching, as well as banging her head on the bar and the Floor. It was strange, and she yells things like, “lets headbang, Rock and Roll crazy”, and “The revolution will take its toll on your voice”. She is going to be in the crowd, full on party time. I can’t even really describe it. Anyhow, Ian Morris, flew over, he is sponsoring the Best Trick part of the Contest, 200 Bucks courtesy of United. Stoked on that. Tony C was packing in the Lip last night, and actually airing out of it like a big quarterpipe, while Derrick sat there stunned, completely totalled out from too much Camo Ice. Leland and the Shitluck crew will be in the house, showing their video this weekend too…. Should be a doozy!

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