The Fabulous Baker Boys Lay Out Some Old Man Talk

This frame will be shredding Baker's Acres at some point in the future.

Super duper kick ass custom frame of the day goes to none other than Kelly Baker’s eldest son, Benny. Here’s what Mister Baker had to say about the frame:

dave just emailed me a pic also. you bet your f*****n ass it looks sweet. it is just what he needs. he hates riding his heavy ass 18″ we are so stoked i can’t tell you. he knows about it. he has been asking me everyday (no shit) since i went down and talked with you guys about it. he doesn’t have a idea what it looks like though other than clear coat. dave asked me to have him pick a color and he wants clear (would have been my choice also). when we come down to get it i’ll make sure we have a fun time. we plan on bringing treats for you guys down there. thanks a ton bud KB

i didnt see all the different angle pics though. so good man. I gotta lay the old man talk on ya. We didn’t have stuff like this when we were that age. we didn’t have good parks and trails….. You know the rest. KB

The Bakers are righteous in case you didn’t know.

If you are looking for a custom frame with 3/8 drops, we just got them in this week and are ready to take orders. Also, Jared from System Cycle sold us some Spanish BB shells for use on customs if that’s your thing. Spanish BB’s will not be available on production frames.

Enjoy the winterwonderland that is now upon us…Boooo!

Shrunkend down 20 3/8 Spanish BB. Quesada.

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