Thanksgiving update…

For all the dumb, and mischievous things my friends and I have done over the years, Having a cop show up hasn’t always been a surprise, I mean just last week, we had a K9 unit in the Van for speeding. Playing a board game and laughing too loud is a new one though. When some friends and I played some 80’s trivial pursuit game, the neighbor called in a noise complaint, and when the cop showed up i laughed harder than i had in a while. Chalk up a new one, I have officially had the cops tell me to stop laughing and playing board games.
After that I drove to North Carolina, an dvisited the Greenville crew, Met Ian and Joe Nyquist, (ryans folks), Saw his AMAZING new ramp setuo, and also chilled with Super star Dave Mirra. Dwayne Taylor from DC was also in town, and Allan Cooke had a birthday as well. Partying with Dave was hilarious, he drives like a madman, drinks wine, and has 2 dogs that look like something Paris Hilton would have in a purse. I also got to witness those guys ride, and that was amazing as well. Nigel Von Mike Cleveland was killing it, doing huge downside whips, and Dave was doing Huge corner pocket vert wall airs. Then I saw 10 dudes trying frontflips into the foam, it was interesting. Have a good Holiday Ya’ll, Curtis says Whats up too.

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