Sweet Baby Wednesday?

Joel Barnett at east Shore skatepark

Ever since moving to Albany, the state capital of New York, aka the empire state, Bryan Tarbell, AKA Sweet Baby, hasn’t been towing the line with unofficial sweet baby monday, but we were lucky today, he shot some killer pics with Joel Barnett at East Shore Park in Ithaca NY. MAny people may know Ithaca as being fammous for chain Male, shortstop, and being Magilla’s Hometown, but did anyone know that it’s also 27 square miles surrounded by reality?

FBM Hall of Famer- Sean emery climbed a big friggin mountain, heres the scoop.
Hey Steve,

Now there are FBM stickers at 14,497 feet on the top of Mt Whitney. I also brought along Terrible One and S&M stickers. So now some of my favorite people are represented at the highest point in the USA besides Alaska. It took me 13 hours round trip to complete it in one day. I did take a half hour lunch at the top. I covered around 17 miles total distance with over a mile of altitude gain and over a mile of altitude loss. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most memorable. Pics are attached. – Sean Emery…

joel tuck nohander fakie...

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