Sweet Baby Tuesday!

Vince Smith- sweet baby pics.

Our Good friend, and friendly nice guy, Sweet Baby Bryan Tarbell got his flicker gaffled for the benefit of this blog posting, (thanks sweet baby), so that I could manufacture conversation, and post these 3 flyers for events coming up! Do some stuff, have some fun, enjoy some BMX!

Johnny Corts

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Sweet Baby Tuesday!

Joel Barnett shot by Bryan Tarbell

Bryan ” Sweet Baby” Tarbell has a superb photo feature up on the Least most with great photos of Joel Barnett,The Corts Bros. and others shredding in the Binghamton/ Upstate NY area!
Bryan has often provided FBM with great content on our blog, and riding photos in print and beyond, Thanks Sweet Baby, you kick some serious butt!

Sweet Baby

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Sweet Baby Tuesday

Spencer Bayles at East Shore, shot By Bryan Tarbell

Here are two pics from East Shore Skatepark, one of Joel Barnett, and another shot by the sweet baby himself, of Ithaca Local Spencer Bayles, shredding the gnarpike. This Photo is Joel Barnett Approved.

Joel Barnett!

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Sweet Baby Tuesday!

Nick Fioretti.

Bryan Tarbell, aka Sweet baby, shot some film (Nikon F100, Fuji Acros 100, and the Tamron 28-105 f2.8) at East Shore Skate park in Ithaca New York. He sent over this SICK pic of Nick F. from Long Island, who lives with Nate Spiero, they are both in an underground mexican style wrestling club in Genoa and will kick your ass.
Wake up and play “how you sell soul to a soulless people who sold their soul?”
The Koston song if you wanna get Hyped-here’s the full edit, 16 minutes from last week, the FBM crew, having Fun in the Sun. If I forgot to mention it, thanks to everyone we rode with, and showed us a good time last week. All Smiles.

FBM East coast trip- Winter 09 from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Sikes shot this of the crazy Backflip guy at the BBQ... No Comment.

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