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John Corts, Man amongst men!

Once again, Sweet Baby, AKA Bryan Tarbell, sent over some pics for a monday update, unfortunately, they didn’t go up until today. Thanks again Brian, great pics, of Randy, Gregg, and the multi talented John Corts, sans outfit. The Don was not available for comment, but mentioned being upset that John was not riding in his Indiana Jones gear in a text message to Tom Blyth. In team news, they kick butt, and Derrick Girard just bought a Harley Davidson, no word on whether or not it will have a home made sidecar. Keep smiling… and while you are at it, peep this new web vid from Clint At CRedence…. from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.

Derrick Girard. Neuched! The Don, FBM's New Enforcer! Randy at the newest HCS creation. No clue, but i bet something weird happened within minutes of this moment. Greg Tail Whip at the Binghamton park. Derrick and Tag, smiling.

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