Stoked On BMX, Skins!

Ian and the boys had a late night unloading these vessels of stoke.

More and more complete bikes are landing in warehouses around the world, the latest shipment to arrive finds its home at 4Down. All these bikes have been sold to shops, if you’re in the hunt for one sniff out your favorite local shop. Word on the street is bikes will be landing on our doorstep this coming Monday, if you’re in the area feel free to drop by and help us unload them off the truck.

If you’re a US shop and you want some bikes, give us a call while they last, they’re already moving fast.

Once again, thanks to everyone for coming out to the Belmar comp. The bar still wreaks of urine, B.O. and cheap perfume, although in reality, it smelled like that before. There’s tons of pictures and a few videos floating around online, check it.

In case you were wondering, pencil in next year’s Brawlin’ at the Belmar…the final round, it’s official.

Tom Blyth should be back in the saddle again soon aboard a new Exodus. Please Note: Tom was not made in the USA. This post would be completely at a loss without a picture of frames on a rack. John Wells on the eject button. This is not one of the world renowned tennis playing William's sisters, Garrett Guilliams at the helm. Red Bull bringing some professional signage to the event. Photos ops for weird couples were abundant, number one announcer and number one rider, Daryl and Big Dick. Look closely at the shirt. Hang the DJ. Thanks to Fuzz and Ogio for hooking up these custom embroidered bags, only 15 in existence.

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