Steve Crandall- Steadfast Bike Check

The Steadfast is one our flagship frames, classic stylings, modern features, built to last, and built to blast on ANY terrain.

I just built up a new FBM Steadfast, kind of a pre production sample, made at the FBM Machine shop in Ithaca New York.

For the new season, we (FBM) worked on tidying up the chainstay/ brake mount area with added clearence, and kept the same tubing spec and geometry that has proven itself to hold up well and handle smoothly. Collectively, our group at FBM have worked together, through design, manufacturimg, and with feedback from the rider’s who use our bikes, to refine each product the best we can. This one has me STOKED!

I included a grip of photos, of the new bike, some riding shots, and a few from the build process. Since FBM frames are built in house, I am lucky to have the opportunity to actually get involved, even if its just a small part, (thanks Dylan and Johnny!)

For my personal bike, I use FBM Components, as well as parts from Profile and Odyssey, Two brands that support BMX on many levels, and offer parts that you can trust. Both companies sponsor, and employ BMX Riders, host tours and events to promote BMX, and work hard to put out a quality product.

After over 30 years as a BMXer, I am very particular about what parts I will run, and now more than ever appreciate what happens behind the scenes to make really good frames, and parts…

Steadfast |-sted-fast|
resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering: steadfast loyalty.

Check out these parts…


-FBM Quickness Sprocket.

FBM Bars!

-FBM Double Fister grips!

-FBM Heart Seat!

-FBM Hose Clamp!

-FBM Bottleneck and Headset!

Look for this gear at your favorite Bike Shop, or on the FBM Online store!