Steady Shot Don- 440 Volts

What is KIR and why did you decide to make a full length DVD?

K.I.R is just the name I use for BMX/Skate videos I started making in Salem, VA where I grew up. Not really a clothing brand or a crew. More like A collection of videos. It’s grown into an on going video project I run with Curtis. Mainly on YouTube.

DVD’s are something I’ve always loved for the same reason a lot of BMX dudes do. It’s something physical you can hold and collect. And I love the process of making them. All the trips, and seeing the whole thing come together.

Who were some of your favorite people to film with?

Probably Andrew Gilbert, Alek Patton and Curt of course.

Least favorite section?

Das a mean question. But easy. A skit we did called Pimp Cycle. I loved making it and think it’s funny but hate watching it with people.

Whats with the name- 420 volts?

I found some electrical “440 VOLTS” stickers in an abandoned meat packing facility in Salem, VA. My buddy Jeff told me to make video named after them. So we did.

Any shout outs?

Curtis who edited the whole VX section and filmed most of it (the video is half HD and half VX). KIRolling wouldn’t be nearly as cool without him.

Where can you find the DVD?

We got a few left at Powers Bike Shop! You can find them online too at

Any plans for new projects?

Always working on new videos! Right now I’m less focused on K.I.R, but I’ve got a lot of cool videos in the works with Powers Bike Shop! Stay tuned! THANKS CRANMAN!