South By South Worst?

Austin is in full swing with rock and roll with this whole south by south west festival. Last Night was a prequel to whats in store, and the entire 6th street population looked like some weird hybrid between Izzy Stradlin, rod stewart and johnny thunders. Mustaches are cool this year too, it is gross. Forgash does not look like a rock star, he looks like my 7th grade shop teacher, he and his band Portals showed up last night. Stoke don seeing them. A band called Ume, that are friends with Taj, that he ahd toured with played at Emos last night, they were real good, Chris Hallman shot pics, peep his Blog to see stuff throughout the week, he shoots awesome pictures, and this week should provide plenty of interesting content. Kelly baker Updated his blog as well. Interesting. More news later keep posted….

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