Silver and Gold

It is now 2018, and for me this journey with FBM began 25 years ago in 1993, when I started scribbling ideas and printing T-shirts with home made screens in my parents basement.
More has happened in that time span than I can even remember, a lifetime of learning, traveling, friendships, hardships, successes, failures, love, life and even death. All while riding bikes, having a laugh, building a business, a community and to some even a legacy. Our Lives…

I didn’t do ANY of this by myself, not a chance, its been a group effort from the jump, I just lit the fuse.
I couldn’t be more proud or humbled by the talents and efforts and the people that have made FBM what it is, and has given these three letters a meaning to so MANY.

No Telling what is gonna happen next, it’s harder than ever to sustain a small business like we have, yet once again we are born again stoked, and bring in a new year inspired by the people drawn to FBM, the new generation of young pioneers going against the grain in a world gone mad.

Here’s to you all!

If you choose to support FBM by checking out our online store, or at your local shop, we 100% appreciate it!

Check out 2017 (last year) as well as The last 25 years as well as an online Premiere of FBM’s First release- One Footed Dead Sailor – (below)

FBM-One Footed Dead Sailor from FBM BMX on Vimeo.