Shit is off the hook.

Shit was off the hook this weekend, but at Taco bell, it was on the hook. I won a free Taco in the water game. The Backseat BadBoyz and I loaded up the Van and 30 packed it through near blizzard conditions to get to the Final Chenga Contest. The whole way there we listen to that song “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…” By the Time we actually arrived the Lou Bickle show was in Full effect, and the Fun Brigade let loose. Captain Fun C-hunk was in charge, and everyone laughed till our guts hurt. At the Contest, the FBM Wrecking Crew was in the house, Jordan Stewart rode awesome, and DaneWild, Shanton Wilson, Tony Hamlin, and Tony Cardona All Qualified. Stoked. Tony H. Hit the ceiling and fell all the way to the floor trying a flair. Tony C. rode with a gimp leg and Killed it Hard, while his buddy shawn projectile vomited all over the Teeny Van. A deer ran out in front of us on the way home, and actually tripped, so we didn’t run it over, which amazes me, since Tag was with us, and you know how he rolls. Big Thanks to all the Chenga Folks for all the fun over the last 10 years, we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as us…. Now Playing-The Accused- “grinning like an undertaker”

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