Ruel Smith, thermals, and the Corts twins!


I sangged this picture of Wormz of the Animal Bikes website. I think Mr. B shot it. Mr. B is a gym teacher in brooklyn. New Fbm Thermals are in stock, as modeled by John Corts. On the trip we just took down south, the corts bros. were having thier information taken by a police officer, who called in thier names, and birthdays, and then immediately asked if they were twins. they are 2 years apart, and the cop was holding thier ID’s. Smart. there ares ome new Pics on the site in Garrets Gallery. some cool shots by Jeff Brockmeyer. Word.

John Corts, Mikey's twin brother. New Thermal... Ghostface Mikey Corts Garret G... The Flyin Hawaiin!

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