Road trip….

Mickey Marshal 3 seconds before the cops showed up...

A Couple of updates from the road…as we head south on the east coast. Not every thing goes smooth on trips, bad directions, blown tubes, blown out heels, bad coffee,exploding camera gear, lost cell phones and chilly weather, are just a few things that can happen on any given weekend. When a stranger walks by, and asks whats up, and you tell them- “just out traveling, riding bikes”, and they respond with a smile and say- Well,have a good time No matter what happens…” and walks away, that about sums it up! Any rate, the gang is stoked and having fun, as we travel about, looking for spots to ride, and spots to get used vegetable oil for the rig. More news soon….. Garret Guilliams really likes Meatloaf!

Guess what Joel barnett is doing in this pic... and win daveking for a week! they dont like you guys messing up the bricks.... Clocking footy YO! Bike surfing of bike skating? a cool looking stone church

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