Random update….

No real reason for an update, oter than some cool pics that a rider named Dlyan emailed over from Australia. I am pretty stoked that people on the other side of the world give a shit enough about what FBM is, to support us, ride our bikes, have fun and send us pics of it. Jamie Moore of Stowaway Distribution is the Dude that gets our shit out there in Australia, so thanks to him for the continued support. Jamie used to roll by the name Chiv, and was in an old Bicycle Union video blowing shit up with John Dye. Ha. At any rate, Rob-o is on the Cover of that Go Magazine, riding an Auburn cr-20. Stew Johnson was the first to answer the trivia correctly, and wins Chase Hawks pants. Rob-o can manual pretty good, but he sucks as a hot pocket forcefield. Peep his mustach at Defgrip

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