Random Product update…

Crazy Nuno put up a lil article on Defgrip about Bakers Acres. I hear Trails is talking?
I have no idea. Jumping bikes is fun. Random product update, Joint, and Stairmaster frames are in Stock, as are some various other FBM frames, you can call up John Lee, JohnPaul, or even John Tillman at Last Call for info on the frames, components, or the new 5 dollar promo dvd- “Don’t Buy this”. Credence Bikes are also in stock, Brought to you by Clint Reynolds and his crew, which includes Josh Hieno, and the Worlds biggest APE, Nutter, amongst others. Now available via the FBM machine shop, where Big Dave pumps out quality handbuilt frames, and the Corts’ Bros listen god awful music at peak levels while Dylan Cole hoost and howls. now playing- Bad Brains- “Build a Nation”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall