Race Frame

Dave just got finished fabricating Scott Yoquelet’s new custom FBM race rig. It’s long, lean, light and features cantilever brake mounts and hooded 3/8″ drops. Nice action. If you happen to be in Louisville the same weekend as the Brawlin’ at the Belmar comp, Sept. 5th, stop by EP Tom Sawyer State Park and catch Scott shredding the masters class at this year’s NBL Grands on flat pedals.

Team dudes blew threw Binghamton, ate some tacos, drank some brew and spectated amateur night at Madame Oar’s. Be on the look out for them roaming the northeast with Stew Johnson filming for an upcoming issue of Props. If you let them crash at your house, make them bathe first, 3/4’s of them smell awful.

New hat, one size fits all.

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