PW Moto Airfest

Phil Wasson sent over these pics of him riding that his friend Thaddeus Allender took. The Bowl Air pic is straight up amazing. Phil rules, in thegoldfish bowl of BMX history, people forget quick, but Phil is a naturrlly proficient rider, that can boost, and tweeeek. His contribution in bmx includes, the Wasson Wallride, the crown royal stem, with the slick gyro plate innovation, the Protect Ya Neck, and his signature frame the PW Moto. Last run, limited edition Pws will be available this month, phil engraved the headtubes on them in his machine shop Super rat. Protect ya Neck’s will be out this month as well. Thanks phil, you are an alright dude. Aaron Ross is in New Orleans for a minute, cleaning up beads from Mardi Gras. Here are some Pics by devon hutchins aka Dirt Dawg. Credence frames, are now made at FBM, you might have heard of them, maybe not, but the graphics include this sick woody guthrie “kill fascists” guitar sticker. Clint Reynolds and his crew had a two part Road trip in Props 62 and 63. Call up John Lee at Last call for more info about Credence, and availability, Frames are In stock. As for the Bicycle Film Festival, all entries must be sent to FBM, by April 15th, and they are not limited to ANY format, as far as content goes, as long as it bike related. Anything from artsy fartsy to straight up gnarkill video parts, to animations, anything, all are welcome, and must be either sent in on mini dv or on a disc in quicktime format. Not at typical youtube specs either. The Mangler emailed this over and Leigh Ramsdell sent this. John Dye also has a new Bicycle Union site up and running. Now pLaying, Jawbreaker- “west Bay Invitational”

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