Packing Lips and Packing Boxes….

Supa therm Howler Prototype

The apes in the FBM machine shop have been working on lightening up, and strengthening the bikes that come out of that magical cave, Here is a Howler at 4 pounds 7 ounces, to get tested.This prototype features an actual tube gusset made of super therm, rather than a simple steel plate welded at the junction, which should strengthen the entire head tube area considerably. Super Therm, super Modified, super double heck yes, keep posted for updates. Trail building season has started in the northeast, riders from Pa. to New England are in the woods, building dreams, jumps, and good times, and Kelly baker isn’t even worried if the jumps are ready or not, neither does fisher, just run it… Have Fun, ride bikes, get awesome! this is online…

Sub 5 pounds.... look close! Mikey Corts is trying to learn Jedi welding! Flying Fish One stoked dude! Pre season Boost, big Dubs, KB! and fisher! Who dat dere dawg? Trails are a place for friends... does that sound right?

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