Outsiders are nice bikes.

I weighed a 21″ 2006 Outsider yesterday, and it was 6 pounds, thats considerably lighter than last years models. It also means the shorter top tube frames are even lighter. The first batch was getting finished in the machine shop yesterday, so that was cool, they should be back from paint in a couple of days. Cameron Wood is an outsider. He loves that shit. I have been going through some of the sponsorship tapes, and I apologize that it has taken me so long, its more time consuming than I thought, here is some news on that though- Jason Phelan from Ireland, George Bolter from New Zealand, and Chris davies, all of your footy will not play in what ever i have here, so Look into that. In other related News, heer are some names of some Dark horses in the running-Joey Richards, Grant Castanza, Mikey Miracle,Bo Laxton, John Glasset, Tyler bergstrom(funny), and Darus from Portland, all these guys have good footy, Tyler gets points for being hilarious, and Darus gets a shoutout for the Dio ninja drop. We even got an entry from a 4 year old kid named jake whitney. He was better Dave King too. Ha. Dave King had Green Bean wrestling at his house this weekend. If that says anything….

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