Our Friend Thomas…


One of the raddest parts about FBM, and bike riding in general, is to be able to work with your friends, with people you look up to and respect, and be able to create something awesome. Thats the case with the latest rider built frame we recently released…

We were lucky enough to work with our friends to create this beauty, including amazing original artwork by Thomas Hooper,one of our favorite artists, and ripper in his own right.

On that note here are some badass snaps of Tom at 9th. Street in Austin Texas.






fbm gypsy 3 gloss black with stickers 1920



DSC_0035 (1)


fbm gypsy 3 frame headtube black

Straight out of the FBM Machine Shop, we are working on the 2016 FBM Gypsy, a badass bike built with modern spec, and technology, for riders that like to get stoked!
Featuring Artwork by Thomas Hooper, and a smooth but aggressive geometry, it will be available in 20.5″. 20.75″ and 21″ top tube length, with a 75 degree Headtube angle, 71 degree seat tube angle, 11.5 inch bottom bracket height, 8.75 inch standover height, 13.5 inch Chainstay (rear end) length and removable seat stay brake mounts.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.53.17 AM