Dane Wild sent this pic over of himself at the Last Scott Towne comp in Novi Michigan. Dane is buck Wild, and Scott is expecting to be a daddy any minute now, if he isn’t already. Congrats to Scott and his wife. Cameron Wood is the coolest kid in Utah, Here he is with Corrigan and a wolf hat on. Expect to see a full video part in the next FBM video of Cameron DETSROYING everything. Corrigan is in Greenville helping Wessal build a “Warriors Of Radness” Warehouse for the one and only Flyin Ryan Nyquist. If the rumors are correct, they are building a 40 foot wedge lauch, long jump type ramp, a hydraulic bunyhop bar, and a foam pit made of of empty 12 pack boxes, that you and your riding buddies have to fill yourselves each time you want to learn a new stunt. Is Indy Industries back in Business? Bill Nitshcke, inventor of the bunnyhop tailwhip (whopper) and Indystructable pegs, is rumored to be back at it, as a reliable source tells me, No not Reggie Styles, and working very closely with Leonard Foster on a new Lightning bolt seat post. More news on that later. Steve Crandall (myself) will be headed to Tokyo this week, to hang out with the Staff and customers of Motocross International, our distributor in Japan. If anyone has any advice for me, give me a shout, I have never been that way, and am going solo. Should be a good time. I think Blue Oyster Cult sang a song about it. At any rate, If you want to learn more about why bikes built by riders, and In America are awesome, check out the shop talk page, and ask the guys why they rule. Most of the questions asked are ridiculous, but they all posess a ton of Knowledge and experience building bikes by hand, and have a shitload of useful information to share. Learn more about who, where, and how your bike is made, and why its important stay away from crack whores…..

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