Joel barnett, Dialing in some nice handrail action!

Random shot of Joel barnett feeble grinding a handrail, He is a good bmx stunt enthusiast, and loves to bang on the air drums when he is rocking to his Ipod!
Hoody and thermal pic! Mikey Corts ate an entire chicken for lunch today, and released the news the he and his brother John, got the part in the 2008 remake of the popular Danny Devito- Arnold Shwartzedudeman movie “Twins”. Tony Hamlin will reportedly be doing the Voice over’s for John Corts’ role in the Movie. Some random Mikey shredding pics as well, jumping to flat, testing out some FBM frame ideas, a little R and D…. In other news 4Down has an awesome Catalog that shows up with e new Ride UK, that you can also check out online! Lots of Good pics and Info! Word up!

Velvet Bananna hoody! Thermal Nuclear Protection. Mikey and Latinee Leviathan eying up a sweet Gap! Mikey Corts leap of Love. New movie in the works.... Mickey and garrett are Stunned about the movie. Ginch brothers on the warpath!

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