Newark Valley Skatepark Party

Joel Barnett in Newark Valley at the Nick Willson memorial ramp jam

Saturday October 10th, in upstate NY. On a brisk autumn post rain afternoon, Nike, and Newark Valley teamed up for a kick butt afternoon, of community awesomeness, for the grand opening of the Nick Wilson Memorial Skatepark. Tons of local riders from Binghamton, Ithaca and Beyond, with the likes of Dennis Enarson, Bobby Parker, Tony Hamlin and dozens of other shredders had a blast while Micah Kranz hyped the crowd, and Mark Losey antagonized young bmxers…. Shouts to Kelly Baker, Nick Marzolina, and everyone who made saturday AWESOME. Congrats….

Ramps, riders, good times. overview Kelly, Benny and Clint Baker, Skatepark locals... Fat Tony and Kenny Horton! Shredded lettuce. Brien Kielb. Chris Hallman, and Co.....

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