New Vid, New Shirts, and more….

Kenny Horton, Classic Table style in Historic Willamsburg

If you didn’t notice, we did some site revisions…If you look around, you’ll notice a new feature, the FBM Flip book on the right, that we will be updating randomly, showcasing what’s going on with FBM, this one goes over some of FBM’s history and ideals.
We also uploaded Part 4 of the East Coast Trip we just did, you can check out the FBM Vimeo page to see 23 different videos, both Current and old school, we’ll also be updating that randomly with more goodness. If you look on the right of the site, you can watch the entire 16 minute edit of last weeks adventure.
We also have a bunch of new shirts in stock, as well as plenty of other goodies, so Give the guys at Last Call/ FBM a ring, and see what’s in stock.
thanks for checking out the site, check back as we’ll be updating the Team and Product pages along the way…

Part 4 FBM East Coast Trip from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Garrett Guilliams....Juicing the ramp! Latane, getting Rad, pic BY BOB... Thanks for the help LaT. Garrett Guilliams...

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